Reviews of Slimquick

I have used SlimQuick Cleanse now for about four days. And I have lost about 2 lbs of fluid. Remember that this product is marketed as a tool to jump start a healthy diet and exercise program and shouldn’t be taken for more than one week. I think a lot of the negatives here are people confusing SlimQuick Cleanse with SlimQuick diet pills. Its a “Body Cleanse.” Your body builds up toxins over time and the idea is to take the product in conjunction with eight to ten glasses of water a day to essentially “flush” your system out. The first few days you’ll feel sick as SlimQuick works the toxins out of your body. The extra water you need to be drinking is to ensure your system doesn’t dehydrate. I don’t understand why many of you are complaining about the extra bathroom time: What do you think a “Cleanse” is? Plus you are increasing your H2O intake; 6-8 glasses to 8-10. What goes in must go out, right?

Here are other reviews of Slimquick on internet from all kinds of consumers:

“ok so i started taking the cleanse yesterday (wednesday) nothing much happened yesterday.but today i had to run to the bathroom…i expected to feel like this, but if you dont want to deal with “close calls” dont try it sure is doing what it is suppose to! I have been drinking at least 4 full bottles of water, and if i go an hour without any, i start to feel funny. so be sure and drink lots!”

By: britt — 06/04/2009 9:00 pm

“I really love this product. Everybody is not getting the part where it says detox, cleanse meaning getting rid of all the junk in your body. I has worked well for me. I would recommend this to anyone!!”

By: Kenyetta — 06/05/2009 11:54 pm

“I have just started today! I’m excited and although I do not have any feedback just yet, I will def let everyone know how it goes. All these *negatives* have been getting to me though. Good luck for those of all who didn’t like it.”

By: Baby D — 06/07/2009 5:28 pm

“I took one yesterday before lunch, and ended up with a brutal headache in the evening. I was feeling lightheaded all night with some mediciny taste in my mouth. I wanted to sleep more this morning, and am still feeling disoriented. I have dry mouth and will not take any more.”

By: Veronique — 06/10/2009 9:48 am

“This is my second day on on the Slimquick Cleanse I am noticing that it is working as in cleaning out my system. I have not weighed myself yet to see any weight changes but will do that tonight and get back in 5 days to see if there was any results !!! But so far as side effects have lots of energy first day felt a little light headed till I ate something but noting like getting sick,i feel good!!”

By: Alannah — 06/10/2009 1:21 pm

“I tried slimquick cleanse for a week and i have lost 8lbs. love this stuff u have to eat low calorie foods and drink alot of water. Will try again in one month.”

By: mzteenu — 06/10/2009 1:35 pm