Ideas for Unusual Omelet Fillings

In the world of cooking, omelets could almost be considered the jack of all trades. There is such a wide variety of ingredients you can put into an omelet to dress it up or just put a unique spin on it. There are so many possibilities, some of which may come as a surprise. As the saying goes: “Don’t knock it, till you try it.”

*Left Overs. Adding left overs to an omelet can not only create a new flavor sensation, but breathe new life into the left overs. There are many times that left overs will end up getting pushed to the back of the refrigerator, destined to grow new forms of life and then tossed into the trash can. This sad fate can be avoided by cutting that left over meatloaf and adding it to your morning omelet. This scenario will fit with most any type of left over (except desserts…unless you are really daring). Left overs ranging from scalloped potatoes to split pea soup can all be added to an omelet. The end result could be a tasty masterpiece that can be placed among your favorite recipes.

*Fruit. Yes, the thought of fruit in your omelet may sound awful at first. This is a flavor that may not suit every palate, but is worth trying at least once. Apples, pears, and mangos are all fruits that can be very delicious in an omelet. Take your choice fresh fruit and slice or cut into small pieces, set aside. Mix cinnamon, and less than a teaspoon of sugar in with your eggs. Combine fruit and egg mixture and finish making your omelet.

*Sauces. With the wide selection of sauces available, you will potentially never run out of flavor possibilities. Examples of sauces one could include: picante, chipotle, terriyaki and barbecue. You can add your favorite vegetables like onions, tomatoes and/or bell peppers along with your choice sauce and end up with a zesty omelet you will never forget.

*Crunchy. Things like flavored croutons, potato chips, and nuts are all great ingredients that can add a delightful crunch to your omelet experience. You can also add pickles and a splash of the pickle juice, to your omelet. The nice thing about pickles is that you can choose dill, sweet, butter, or any other type for a different flavor each time.

Traditional omelet ingredients like sausage, onion, cheese, and ham all make for a tasty treat, but sometimes change is good thing. Omelets are a great dish to experiment with different ingredients and flavor combinations. All it takes is creativity and a willingness to think outside the shell.