How To Add 10 Inches To Your Vertical Jump

In fact, everyday, many visitors come to our website with the same problem for increasing vertical height. Congrats, we have a solution for you!

You see, we have personal friends who are athletes who were in the same situation as you. They have tried different workout routines and done hours of leg strength exercises but are still getting poor vertical jump gains.

In our search for an effective training program that works, we managed to find 3 proven programs. After gathering the positive testimonials of many users, we know that it’s time to share them with you.

The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is regarded as the top vertical jump program and has been used by thousands of readers, many of which are athletes. Jacob Hiller is renowned as a top vertical jump expert worldwide. You will realize that the program is simple to understand and the steps are easy to execute. You will learn proper jumping mechanics, how to avoid mistakes of athletes, and the best exercises to achieve significant increases in your vertical jumps. The package comprises the Jump Manual ebook, exercise charts, videos and the Elite Jumper forum membership. It also comes with some attractive bonuses.

The Vertical Explosion Training Program is another popular vertical jump program created by Kurt Howard. The entire program guides you through a holistic training program rather than just focusing on leg strengthening exercises which most guides do. The 25-page main guide covers the basics of vertical gains. The other guides in the package discusses techniques to boost your metabolism, sports nutrition, and also comes with 4 different training logs to track your workouts. What we like about this program is the straightforward presentation of facts and steps. It doesn’t contain any fluff and is focuses on improving your jump and game.

Higher Faster Sports by Kelly Baggett is a simple yet effective vertical jump training program.Do not be deceived by its plain looking website as the information you will receive is highly valuable.You will learn the 6 types of plyometric drills, 3 types of leapers and how to be the best, which type of jump suits you most, and the secret training methods NBA superstars use to run faster and jump higher.The program is systematic and clear instructions and diagrams will help you to get maximum vertical gains.

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