The Best Ways to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Many people would love to be free of the unsightly extra roll of fat around the neck area that gives the appearance of having an extra chin.

It is not easy to reduce or completely remove a double chin but it is definitely possible and there are several options open to you. Below we review a few of the top solutions for this problem that has so many people cringing every time that they face themselves in the mirror.

1) The ‘Face Fitness Formula’

For most people, a double chin is a result of being overweight. The removal is not always as simple as losing weight though as there are many people who are in pretty good shape that still find themselves developing such fat or unable to get rid of one.

The first step in fighting them should be lifestyle changes. A daily exercise program is essential for burning fat and there are many solutions out there for dieting.

In 2006 a new program was released by John Socratous that specifically helps people to get rid of facial fat in the chin and cheeks. The ‘Face Fitness Formula’ is a comprehensive diet and exercise program that has received glowing reviews.

It is the only comprehensive course available online for those wanting to lose fat in the chin area so it is definitely worth checking out.

Click here to visit the ‘Face Fitness Center’ and find out more about what this program has to offer.

2) Verseo Velform Contouring Chin Wrap

If dieting and exercise don’t work or are too demanding, one company called Verseo has developed the Velform contouring chin wrap to help women get rid of their double chins.

Users of chin wraps apply a gel to the chin and neck and then fit an adjustable wrap tightly around their chin and above their head. The results of this treatment are a toning and firming of the skin around the neck area and a ‘lifting’ or ‘sculpting’ of the chin.

When the gel mixes with skin cells it causes a shrinkage of the skin which has an anti-cellulite effect, tightening up sagging skin.

Users report a vastly reduced double chin and a general removal of lines and wrinkles in the lower facial area. If applied twice daily for short periods of time you should be able to see a considerable improvement in one to four weeks.

Better Hip Mobility = Higher Jumping!

Increase your hip mobility to increase your vertical jumping ability

Most people these days spend a considerable amount of time sitting down in chairs. Our bodies were not designed to do this. Chairs were made by man in an attempt to create a way to relax. Unfortunately, we all overuse them. Sitting too much has caused limited hip mobility in almost everyone through weakened glutes (butt muscles) and tight hip flexors (muscles in the front of your pelvis).

Why should you care? Well, the mobility of your hips is directly relational to the amount of power and speed you can generate from them when jumping. It is safe to say that the more mobile your hips are, the more explosive power you can transfer to jumping higher.

How to Increase Hip Mobility to Jump Higher

Hip Flexor Stretching

There are countless ways to stretch your hip flexors. Before any activity involving vertical jumping, give your flexors a good stretch. Doing this alone can give you as much as 2 more inches on your vertical than if you hadn’t stretched your flexors.

Here is one example stretch video:

From there, you will see many more on the right. Pick one or two and do them every day to increase hip mobility.

Using a Foam Roller on your IT Bands

The iliotibial band (IT Band) runs from your pelvis to your knees on the outside of your thigh. Use a soft rolling pin, or Foam Roller, to massage the entire area up and down for at least 2 minutes on each side. This is done best by placing the foam roller on the floor and rolling on it for the full length of your IT Bands.

Here is a video to follow:

Using a Foam Roller on your Hamstrings

Next, you can use the same foam roller to massage your hamstrings up and down. To get into the muscle even deeper, you can use a tennis ball while lying on the floor. Place the ball under your hamstring and shimmy your body up and down to deeply release the hamstring muscles.

Test the Results

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself; you have nothing to lose. Perform your highest measurable standing vertical jump. Take the measurement. Next, stretch your hip flexors and use a foam roller on your iliotibial bands and hamstrings. Then perform the same vertical leap you did before, again measuring the result. Your second jump is higher, right? Congratulations on quickly increasing your vertical.

How to Lose Weight with Dr Berg Diets

Research has shown that more people are dying of diseases related to being overweight. For instance, many young people are dying at their tender age due to obesity and other related illnesses such as heart attack. This situation can be altered if people are keen on the kind of lifestyles that they adapt to. With the current technological advancement, people no longer have to break their backs at work. This is an advantage on one hand and a disadvantage on the other mainly because people no longer involve themselves in tasks that can help them to burn enough calories in their body. It is for this reason that Dr Berg has come up with a variety of diets that are meant to help people lose weight naturally. With these Dr Berg diets, you will be able to lose your extra weight naturally without putting your health at risk.

Dr Berg diets are a perfect way in which people who are overweight can reduce the amount of calories in their body without overworking themselves. The best weight loss diet is one that can help you to count your calories. You should therefore ensure that the diet you take provides very little amount of calories. Stop eating first foods that contain too much fat and sugar because they are known to increase the amount of calories in the body by great measure. In fact, you should be shocked when you read the label on the packet of cheese and see how much fat and sugar you are just about to consume.

The good thing with Dr Berg diets is that they have very little fat and sugar. Thus, they can help you a great deal in controlling the amount of calories that you consume. In addition, always ensure that you do regular exercises because they will help a lot in burning more calories and keeping your body fit.