Proposed Corporate Incentives for Wellness Programs

Corporate incentives for employers offering wellness programs? If healthier employees and reduced health insurance claims is not enough for an employer to start their own worksite health promotion program then maybe offering a corporate tax incentive program would be.

Corporate Incentives Last year two senators proposed to create a “Healthy Workforce Act” bill that would hopefully encourage businesses to keep employees healthy and prevent disease among their workforce.

Senator Gordon Smith, Iowa and Senator Tom Harkin from Iowa would like to propose future legislation that gives employers a 50% tax credit if they implement a worksite wellness program to help control costs.

Of course employers will need to meet certain criteria for this credit which includes the following important components:

A health education and awareness campaign, which would involve implementation of a health risk appraisal, health screenings, and biometric testing.

Behavioral change programs–such as wellness coaching/counseling, presentations, seminars, or self-help materials to encourage healthier lifestyles among employees.

Supportive environment-involves inclusion of employee incentives for participation like reduction in health insurance premiums, allowing time for participation in programs during work hours, and providing healthier choices onsite.

Creation of a wellness committee–that would be responsible for tailoring programs to fit the needs of the organization and the employees.

As a professional in corporate health, I think this is a great first step in improving our health care system and encouraging employers to take responsibility for the health of their employees. If this legislation is passed, I believe this is another way to help remove one of the health promotion challenges most employers face which is finding funding to support wellness initiatives.

Giving employers a tax incentive allows them designate more funding to the development of a sound wellness program and continuation of effective programs. Of course I hope that employers will initiate a program even if this bill is not passed.

Speed And Agility Training

If you are planning to improve your athleticism, then you most probably have thought about the different trainings and workouts that you can do to help improve your skills. Among all these, a speed and agility training appears to be one of the most significant workouts that you can undergo. This kind of training will not only enable you to develop your muscles, it can also help you in achieving a higher vertical leap. However, it is no joke to undergo this kind of training. Not only will you need a program that has been specifically designed to fit your requirements, you will also need to have the right amount of nutrients in your body to keep you going.

There are lots of supplements that can help you get the most out of a speed and agility training program. Multivitamins should always be part of your diet because they form the foundations for maximizing your results, as well as of the other supplements that you might be taking. When you perform speed and agility workouts, you exert more effort than what you usually do during normal days. Thus, you will need to have extra amounts of vitamins and minerals in your body so you can handle strenuous activities.

You will also need to have ample amounts of Omega 3 in your system. This mineral has been proven to help relieve soreness in the muscles and joints. It also helps increase your stamina. These are essential if you are going through a speed and agility training because you can always expect that your muscles will be worked out well beyond their normal state.

One of the most important supplements that you will need is creatine. Workouts that help develop your speed and agility have intense requirements that involve your muscles. It helps to be physically fit and to have well toned muscles when undergoing this kind of training so you can be free from injuries. With sufficient amounts of creatine in the body, you will be able to sustain near maximum force generation while you are doing repetitive rounds of intense exercise.

Many athletes consider it important to undergo a speed and agility training program in one part of their career. It is one of the training programs that can give them full body workouts. While you are undergoing this kind of training workout, it helps to keep your body well nourished so you can get the most out of this kind of program.

How To Add 10 Inches To Your Vertical Jump

In fact, everyday, many visitors come to our website with the same problem for increasing vertical height. Congrats, we have a solution for you!

You see, we have personal friends who are athletes who were in the same situation as you. They have tried different workout routines and done hours of leg strength exercises but are still getting poor vertical jump gains.

In our search for an effective training program that works, we managed to find 3 proven programs. After gathering the positive testimonials of many users, we know that it’s time to share them with you.

The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is regarded as the top vertical jump program and has been used by thousands of readers, many of which are athletes. Jacob Hiller is renowned as a top vertical jump expert worldwide. You will realize that the program is simple to understand and the steps are easy to execute. You will learn proper jumping mechanics, how to avoid mistakes of athletes, and the best exercises to achieve significant increases in your vertical jumps. The package comprises the Jump Manual ebook, exercise charts, videos and the Elite Jumper forum membership. It also comes with some attractive bonuses.

The Vertical Explosion Training Program is another popular vertical jump program created by Kurt Howard. The entire program guides you through a holistic training program rather than just focusing on leg strengthening exercises which most guides do. The 25-page main guide covers the basics of vertical gains. The other guides in the package discusses techniques to boost your metabolism, sports nutrition, and also comes with 4 different training logs to track your workouts. What we like about this program is the straightforward presentation of facts and steps. It doesn’t contain any fluff and is focuses on improving your jump and game.

Higher Faster Sports by Kelly Baggett is a simple yet effective vertical jump training program.Do not be deceived by its plain looking website as the information you will receive is highly valuable.You will learn the 6 types of plyometric drills, 3 types of leapers and how to be the best, which type of jump suits you most, and the secret training methods NBA superstars use to run faster and jump higher.The program is systematic and clear instructions and diagrams will help you to get maximum vertical gains.

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