Birth control pill offers heart protection if taken for ten years before menopause

I am not really sure what to make of this. Apparently, new reports show that the estrogen in birth control pills can offer prevention from the development of heart disease. And that the pills are most effective if taken for ten years right before the onset of menopause. This means from about ages 45-54.

All I know is that I keep thinking to myself, “The birth control pill increases risk of stroke, particularly if taken after the age of 35.” I stopped taking the pill right before I turned 35 because a close friend of mine had a double brainstem stroke. She was my age. I will not be joining the leagues of women who are signing up for this. I run 4-5 miles a day. I watch what I eat. And I sat and held my friend’s hand in the hospital after her stroke, and cried for her two-year-old daughter. My friend is doing very well now, but I will take my chances on heart disease, and stay away from the pill from now on.