Better Hip Mobility = Higher Jumping!

Increase your hip mobility to increase your vertical jumping ability

Most people these days spend a considerable amount of time sitting down in chairs. Our bodies were not designed to do this. Chairs were made by man in an attempt to create a way to relax. Unfortunately, we all overuse them. Sitting too much has caused limited hip mobility in almost everyone through weakened glutes (butt muscles) and tight hip flexors (muscles in the front of your pelvis).

Why should you care? Well, the mobility of your hips is directly relational to the amount of power and speed you can generate from them when jumping. It is safe to say that the more mobile your hips are, the more explosive power you can transfer to jumping higher.

How to Increase Hip Mobility to Jump Higher

Hip Flexor Stretching

There are countless ways to stretch your hip flexors. Before any activity involving vertical jumping, give your flexors a good stretch. Doing this alone can give you as much as 2 more inches on your vertical than if you hadn’t stretched your flexors.

Here is one example stretch video:

From there, you will see many more on the right. Pick one or two and do them every day to increase hip mobility.

Using a Foam Roller on your IT Bands

The iliotibial band (IT Band) runs from your pelvis to your knees on the outside of your thigh. Use a soft rolling pin, or Foam Roller, to massage the entire area up and down for at least 2 minutes on each side. This is done best by placing the foam roller on the floor and rolling on it for the full length of your IT Bands.

Here is a video to follow:

Using a Foam Roller on your Hamstrings

Next, you can use the same foam roller to massage your hamstrings up and down. To get into the muscle even deeper, you can use a tennis ball while lying on the floor. Place the ball under your hamstring and shimmy your body up and down to deeply release the hamstring muscles.

Test the Results

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself; you have nothing to lose. Perform your highest measurable standing vertical jump. Take the measurement. Next, stretch your hip flexors and use a foam roller on your iliotibial bands and hamstrings. Then perform the same vertical leap you did before, again measuring the result. Your second jump is higher, right? Congratulations on quickly increasing your vertical.